The Least Shaky Tyres

Everyone wants to experience the best drive possible. Comfort whilst driving is important and a shaking car can alter this. There are different types of tyres that can assist with a smooth drive but firstly – what causes your car to shake?

The main cause and first to be investigated is the tyres. There could be a problem with the alignment, the tyres might not be pumped to the correct pressure or they have not been secured properly to the wheel. Luckily, these problems are not caused by low quality tyres.

Features that limit the amount of shaking you feel are:

Shock absorbers – these protect the wheels from shattering upon impact. They are equipped with a spring that repels the components from one another.

Off road vehicles – these vehicles are powered by four wheel drive and have more powerful shock absorbers. The wheels installed on these cars also influence how much of the bumps or shakes you feel on the road. Potholes are growing crises that leave many cars that have a low suspension with damaged parts. With off road tyres, vibration and damage can be avoided or unfelt.

Proper maintenance – this is what every driver should be practicing regardless of the type of vehicle they own. All parts of the car need to be checked including the engine, brakes, wheels, and the functionality of the computer system.

Two tyre brands have been tested on many terrains for their compatibility. They both succeeded on bad road maintenance and not-too-bumpy hills and mountains.

Toyo Tyres manufactures tyres specifically for mountain crawling. With deep treads and thick sidewalls, these are perfect for the adventurous type that doesn’t want to experience those hazardous potholes on the road.

Nexen Tyres manufactures the Roadian series that was made specifically to make driving smooth and comfortable. These may not be as deep treaded as many other models but it is a version that can make your driving a smooth experience.

In conclusion, off-road tyres are your best bet when looking for something that won’t feel the vibration and shakiness. Many models are also available as dual function for off road driving and regular freeway driving. Also remember that properly fitted and maintained tyres and wheels is an important factor that will prevent shakiness and vibration. These may be tested and realigned at home but it is preferable for a qualified mechanic to troubleshoot further problems you may have.

Minty’s is amongst the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer service. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the highest quality, amongst the largest brands nationwide.

Can Car ECU Remapping Improve The Performance Of Your Car?

If you compare the features offered in the cars of yester years and the cars of today’s generation you will notice that the cars manufactured are equipped with the features which almost two decades back were considered impossible to be merged in one unit. But going through the vast technical developments the cars manufacturers are customizing the cars with unbelievable features, in-fact day is not far when we will be traveling in driverless cars and even flying car.

Anyhow, do you know that the car that you have just taken out from the dealership believing to offer you the optimized performance while you drive at its top speed. Unfortunately, it would not be the actual performance of your car that you would be driving, of-course you might be surprised to know it but you will be more shocked and stunned if you come to know that this reduction in the performance of your vehicle has been done intentionally by the car maker then definitely you will not only feel cheated by the manufacture but will also feel your hard earned money going in the dustbin.

Well, before you make any such assumption and plan to sue both the dealer and the manufacturer let me make it clear that this deficiency in the performance of the vehicle is done according to international driving standards prevailing in different countries across the world. Interestingly, you need not have to lose your heart as still there are some options by which you can enjoy the minimized potential of your car by remapping it also called as car ECU remapping.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) can be considered as the brain of your car that is used for controlling the overall performance of your vehicle with the help of computer program installed in the ECU. As the programming of any computer can be changed according to your requirements similarly the programming controlling the functionality or performance of engine can be altered according to your requirements.

Now the question arises that when by altering the programming of ECU its potential can be enhanced then why the makers hide the actual performance of car while launching it. An answer to this question is to make the vehicle capable of combating the problems like presence of poor quality fuel, varied environmental conditions, driving roads etc and availability of an economic car desired by the car buyers. Because if they sale the car strictly according to its determined efficiency then there are chances that in absence of required driving conditions the engine of vehicle can be damaged. Therefore to prevent the engine from any damage they de-tune the engine and making it compatible for an average car owner.

Nevertheless if you can find high grade fuel and standard driving conditions in your country, by remapping the settings of engine control unit you can unleash the hidden power and performance of your car. Remapping the engine enhances the performance of fuel pressure, fuel injector, boosting pressure of turbo engines, timing of fuel to the engine and various other diameters that improve the power of engine and minimize its level of emissions.

In today’s scenario engine remapping the best possible way to improve the performance of both types of vehicles whether they are newly launched or old vehicle. The only thing you need to keep in concern is to get the whole process get accomplished by an expert mechanic. Once you get the remapping carried on your vehicle you will have to drive it according to the new determined parameters and instructions and get it regularly serviced on time without ignoring it.

Things to Consider When Using a Truck Bed Tent

These tents are durable and are usually available in nylon and polyurethane and also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are mostly windproof as well as waterproof.

A close cousin to the truck tent is the SUV tent. As the back of an SUV is already covered, these tents simply extend the useful living area by attaching to the back of the truck. You can then use the back of your truck for sleeping and the extended tent section attached to it as living and changing quarters.

Truck tents are designed to cover the entire bed of your truck. They turn that wasted space into a convenient place to sleep. By using the bed of your pickup as your sleeping quarters you manage to stay off the ground which can be a tremendous comfort when an unexpected storm rolls through.

Lightweight and designed to sleep 2 adults these tents are very spacious, even enough for 2 small children. These tents are mainly designed just for sleeping and storage. Mesh windows for proper ventilation are included and some even come with great accessories like a changing room, a soft foam mattress (that can be inflated and deflated at will), pillows, mosquito nets and even a ladder for those tents that sit on the top of the truck.

Always remember to have your truck bed empty and clean, some tents have sewn floor and others don’t. Those without a floor are easier to install and keep clean. A truck tent with a sewn in floor or a tent with no floor, truck tents are a wonderful travel accessory that breeds a race of travelers who don’t mind spending a night in the middle of nowhere, preferring to get lost in the wilderness.

Truck tents are the first choice amongst travelers who cherish their freedom. It is the best possible option if one wants to stop in the middle of a cross-country ride and camp anywhere one wants to. These tents give you the option to camp anywhere you would like. You have plenty of storage in you truck, the safety of your truck and freedom to camp anywhere that you will never experience with any other kind of tent.

These days any type of tent is available for any make of the truck or SUV. Make sure that you check the tent size with the truck bed size, which will fit properly and not leave any room for any inconvenience.