Child Discipline: How to Get a Successful Shopping Experience With Your Child

How many times have you been in a store behind a screaming child because his mother told him “NO?” I know I have had my share of these times. I have also been a part of that with my own child. Now, five children later, I have learned some alternatives to the word “no” that have been a great asset throughout the years.

When I was in college there was a time I was at a restaurant late at night with a bunch of friends. While we were there, there was a family came in and a little boy was throwing a huge fit because his father told him “no.” I looked to my friend and said, “When I have kids, my kid won’t do that!” Well, I sure had to eat my words, because my firstborn really made me eat those words. We could not go to the grocery store or anywhere without some form of a fit involving me telling him “no” to something. I am a firm believer in discipline, but when you are out in the middle of the public, there just aren’t many options and you find yourself giving in just to shut them up. After dealing with this several times and having another little one on the way, I decided there has to be a better way.

Kids need rules and when they follow them, they feel good about themselves. They gain confidence in themselves and learn how to show respect. When you are making a trip to a store lay your rules out for what you expect of your child while in the store. Clarify those rules to the child before you leave the vehicle and inform him of the consequence for his choice. All behavior has a consequence. Whether it is a good consequence or a bad consequence is up to the child. This is where the power of choice comes in. Children like to have control. This is their time to take control of their choices. Let them know right away what will be the result if there is a problem in the store. They need to know what is going to result in their choice of behavior whether it be positive or negative. It’s up to you, depending on your method of discipline as to what your consequence might be. You must be very clear on what you are saying to him and be ready to follow through every time. That way they have time to think about things before they do it. Of course you will still have to remind them of what’s coming up. The reward or the penalty.

Once you have your ground rules in place, it is time to make the adventure of going in the store. A good thing to help distract is to pick up an item, one that cannot be opened and ask them to hold it for you. This gives them something else to focus on instead of all the things they think they want. As you continue, let them know how well they are doing at following the rules for being in the store. Always clarify what they are doing that is good or bad. Don’t just say good job! Say, “Johnny, you are doing a great job holding that box for me.” It sounds kind of corny, but it truly does work. They build confidence in themselves and they also feel like they are being a help. All children want to help.

When you end up in that one aisle that you know is going to be a problem, switch items for him to hold. When they ask for something, simply say, “Remember what you get to have when we get back to the car?” This could be as simple as having a McDonald’s happy meal toy or even a toy that they haven’t played with for awhile. You can do this and make a difference without having to buy anything. Just be aware of what their likes and dislikes are. Once they are reminded of the hidden treasure in the car, they will want to keep working towards that goal.

Many stores now have aisles without candy or distractions. I was so happy when our local store decided to do this. I don’t know who’s idea this was, but it was a very good one! One store I was in had a big sign that read, “MOM, NO DISTRACTIONS, THIS CHECKOUT” It would be to your advantage to use that aisle. It saves a lot of problems.

Once you return to the car, you must let the child know whether they get the prize or not. Many times the prize I held with them was a trip to McDonald’s for a soda. That way, if they were good they get the prize, but if they are not, then they will have to sit through to see what they are missing. This was the most successful with my brood. At least one of my clan missed out, but eventually, even he figured out what it was going to take to get that soda. You may have crying on the way home, but don’t let that frazzle you. It will only take a few times of being consistent to get results.

One of the biggest problems that usually comes about is once you are in the car and the child has lost his prize he will do something to try to get you to back down. You must stay firm and hold on to what point you are trying to make. Many people in today’s world think that is a cruel thing to let other members have something and one be left out. Don’t let that get to you, because you are trying to teach a life lesson here. Too many times a child is given in to over and over which ends up with major discipline issues. If you stay firm and hold your ground you will have better behaved children that will grow into responsible young adults.

This simple step of consistency will lead to more ideas of knowing what is going to work for your child and gaining ground in the realm of teaching them responsibility and respect. Be straightforward with your child and don’t sugar coat things. As I stated before, children want rules. Be very specific with what you expect of them in every circumstance. In the end, you will have more pleasant experiences when taking your child out.

Julie is in the beginning stages of working from home after being in the education field over 22 years. Her experience in teaching and being the parent of special needs children have contributed to her success in life. Her desire is to help others manage the behavior of their special needs children when they are at their rope’s end as she was.

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How Secure Online Payments Can Affect Your Online Business

In today’s world, where shopping online has become the norm, it is important to offer a secure payment system to your customers. As the incidences of identity theft continue to rise, more and more people are leery of using a site that doesn’t offer a secure way of sending you their money. And with the economy on a slippery slope, you don’t want to lose any customers.

What is it that online shoppers are looking for in terms of safe checkout? First and foremost they want your site to have an up-to-date security certificate that is identifiable by their browser. Most browsers are updated now with the command to check for the security of sites you visit. If your site raises a red flag with potential customer’s browsers, you are losing potential business. Validate your site with a trusted source like VeriSign, GeoTrust or one of the other well known sources out there. Go the extra mile to let them know they’re entering a safe shopping zone.

You also want to give your customers good choices for payment. Most sites these days are integrating PayPal into their payment options at customer checkout. PayPal has a good reputation for being secure and almost foolproof in most cases. You can put this option up and make your potential buyers happy.

For credit card customers you want to make sure you have the most up-to-date encryption software that will mask the input on their end and lessen the chances of fraud and identity theft. These take a heavy toll on businesses because of increased credit card fees, so you want to make sure you’re offering the best for your clients.

You should also consider the kind of support you offer your clientele. Do you have a support center? Do you provide contact numbers or emails so they can verify your information? Listing a physical address can go a long way in helping your customers ensure they are dealing with a legitimate company. No one wants to deal with someone who isn’t available, so make sure your presence is there on your site as an added plus for buyers to see.

This is a competitive world, and with that competition comes a need to be your very best. This is true in the outside world and is no less true on the Internet. There is an unwritten code of ethics that any honest merchant needs to follow. On the Internet, that involves security for your customer. Because there are many other people out there trying to attract the same customers to their sites, it is imperative you do whatever is necessary in order to bring in your share of the market.

Ensuring your customers have a pleasant and safe shopping experience can be accomplished easily in the cyber world. Keeping apprised of security updates and new forms of payments is easy as well. A happy customer is repeat business, so keeping online payments secure can have a lasting positive impact for your online business.